My way of being, with you – my client

Lilliwood Therapy Telford

We all know what it’s like to not be listened to. This is especially upsetting when we are struggling emotionally and mentally. Times when we are trying to express ourselves and explain what’s going on for us and how we feel but people, or a person, just don’t seem to accept, acknowledge or understand what we are saying (or trying to say). It might be that you just can’t talk to people around you but feel like you need to voice your frustrations, anger, upset or other things on your mind but without these causing problems for those close to you.

Having someone listen to you, really listen, because they have no agenda to push of their own, because they aren’t judging you for being anything other than a human being, listening with a depth of consideration and understanding because they really want you to know that you and your feelings are very important.

My way of counselling is to be the person who provides all this for you, in a ‘person centred’ way.

I offer to you an ear, a caring, empathic voice, a safe and confidential place for you to unload, shed your fears, be silent if you wish, say the things you keep inside.

Inspirational Quote

  • We don't perceive objects as they are, we perceive them as we are

  • There's no better way to dismantle a personality than to isolate it

  • It's easier to destroy than create

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